Sunday Savings Tip for Father’s Day!

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Next Sunday, June 19, is Father's Day. It is easy to make your father feel important without breaking the bank by purchasing gifts that are inexpensive or personal. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Purchase a Gift You Can Both Enjoy Plan to spend time together – go for a hike, take advantage of free outdoor events that many cities offer in the summer or find local opportunities that are within your budget. Gifts such as tickets to an event that you can enjoy together can serve as a gift for both of you and the opportunity to spend time together will make the gift even more special.

Be Personal
Sometimes a personal present such as a heartfelt card or letter can mean just as much as a World's Greatest Dad coffee mug. You could write about the impact he's had in your life or describe some of your favorite memories together.

Consider a Joint Present
If you have siblings or relatives that will be giving presents as well, a joint present might enable you to give your father a more expensive gift that he actually wants and will use.

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