Sunday's Savings Tip: August 1st

Buy in Advance

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For the best savings, it can be important to plan and purchase items in advance. This is true for many items you may need for your home or apartment, or on travel for upcoming trips.

According to the American Home Furnishing Alliance, July can be the best month for furniture purchases as many stores have clearance sales to make room for new inventory. If you're in the market for new furniture, consider whether this July is the right time for you to take advantage of lower prices. If not, January is another time for low furniture prices as stores begin to make room for new spring inventory. Before buying, make sure you're buying because you need it, not just because you want it and it's on sale.

Are you planning any travel for the summer?

Some bus carriers offer steep discounts if you book in advance. You might be able to score a ticket for $15 or less. Bus travel has improved greatly over the past several years. Increased competition has resulted in multiple clean, WiFi enabled bus lines that generally arrive on time. Airline tickets fluctuate as to the best time to purchase them—for non-holiday domestic travel, purchasers should watch for potential price cuts at the 21-day mark.

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