My Life Without Social Media…Yeah Right! {Blog Dare}

a mom blog community Social Media. Two simple words that define a whole new world. Who new back in the 80’s that our world would have so much technology and that the Internet would have so much influence? Some say Social Media is a “fad” and that it will fade over time. Some say Social Media is overrated. I say Social Media is just going to get bigger and have a bigger influence on the world and the people in it.

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The other day I was watching a YouTube video about Social Media and a CEO of a rather large Corporation didn’t believe in Social Media and refused to be a part of it personally and professionally. Now, however, after much persuasion, he is well becoming one of the most active in Social Media. He also now speaks at various places about … you guessed it, Social Media.

Social Media has affected everyone one way or another. When the Internet went public, it was a hit and has grown to be bigger than anyone ever really expected. The services and products available at the click of a button are ridiculous. It has been said that ‘Generation X’ {1980-2000 roughly} was the Generation that great things were to be expected. Great things happened and expectations were even surpassed.

Social Media has affected me personally in a good way. My 10 year High School Reunion was cancelled mainly because of lack of interest. Me being the Class Secretary, I think the reason was more that everyone knows everybody or has connected in some way on Facebook or Twitter. With these Social Media Communities available, it’s no wonder why there was a lack of interest to pay money to go to a venue to talk about the same things they have already talked about or already know.

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In conclusion, my life without Social Media would be very different. My life alone would not be the only one affected either. However, having access to Social Media and the Internet I think, at times, can be unhealthy, for some, if the will power to get out from behind the TV and computer is lowered. For those that do, please get outside and play with your kids or walk the park. You’ll like it…Trust me! Till next time…



  1. Definitely couldn't live without it, no way, uh uh, wont do it. I know it sounds bad, but I love it! I love the ease of connecting with people on FB, it just makes keeping in touch so simple! And of course, I could never go without blogging :)

  2. LMAO! I could not live without my social media nope!! LOL!! I have found so many things, met so many awesome people etc that I never would have if it weren't for social media!! I love it so much!!!
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    Stacie @ Love You Always & Forever

  3. I certainly couldn't live without it, and don't know how I did before. I have reconnected with so many people in my past and feel as if all my family and friends are just a "message" away. I have more contact with social media with my friends and family then I could ever have without it. What DID I do before I had a computer??? LOL

  4. I couldnt live with out facebook!

  5. Yup...I'm pretty sure I'd shrivel with out internet now. In some ways, that's kinda sad, and yet, there are so many opportunities available to us now because of it!
    Yay, Facebook! ;-)

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    Johanna at Mama Chocolate
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  6. It is easy to get sucked in and an hour or two can be lost with all this social media. It is important to be good at time management. You family time is much more important.

    I am visiting you from the Alexa hop. Have a great Easter weekend!

    Long Wait For Isabella

  7. Wow your reunion was cancelled?? I wonder if reunions (school and family) will start going by the wayside???

    Visiting from the Alexa hop.

    Callista's Ramblings

  8. Stopping by from the Alexa hop. I can't imagine going back to life w/o social media now! I have had times where I've needed to take a "Facebook break" just to focus on what was really important - life OFF of the computer - for a while!


  9. I am so hooked to my blogging! I am not so hot about keeping up with "Social Media" like Twitter and FB.
    Stopping by from the Alexa hop!

  10. Hi Jessica

    I'm visiting from the Alexa Hop & hope you'll join me over at Create With Joy, where we're discussing Balance vs Burnout this week!

    This is a great topic and once I that has been on my mind as of late - especially with the topic over at my blog. I love the Internet but at the same time, I really think we can get so wrapped up in it if we aren't careful that we can lose perspective on real life (the cancellation of your reunion is a perfect example!) I think responsible use is the key - when we get too pressured by it, we need to take a step back and gain perspective.

    Have a great weekend!


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