How to Make a Simple Easter Countdown {tutorial}

Missy from has done an awesome craft for you to do in honor of the Easter Holiday!  This looks as much fun for the adults to make as it will be for the kids {even teens} to open them! I love the idea of an Easter craft project! Don’t you? 
Especially when kids learn something new in the process – double bonus!

So what’s inside?…
I thought you might ask.

Each egg is filled with a Bible reference about Christ’s last days and a symbol that goes along with the verse…to help us visual learners.
Here is day 1…

and day 2…

You get the idea.
Most of the items you can just find around your house – or send your kids on a treasure hunt…even better!
This is so SIMPLE to put together, I even made a little kit for each of the kids I teach at church as a little gift.  Maybe now they will actually listen to me:)

Or wrap one up for a friend.

I put mine in one of those egg holders you find all over this time of year.  Now it is a decoration also.

You still have almost a week to get one put together before it is time to start the countdown.
Click here to get the printables that will in the eggs on the site.

Ready. Set. GO!

Happy Easter!

I would love to hear how YOU countdown or how you keep the TRUE meaning alive.
And if you are looking for something else fun to do with plastic eggs, you HAVE to check out what AmberLee over at Giver’s Log did with hers…your creativity kills me, Amber!

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