Sunday's Savings Tip: Save Money Each Month

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A penny saved isn't actually a penny earned. But every penny you don't spend can be a penny you put in your piggy bank. Here are some tips on ways you can save money each and every day, week and month.

  • Use your public library. Books, magazines, audio books, films, and CDs are all available for no charge at your public library. Many libraries even offer free events, classes and workshops for children and adults. It is crazy not to take advantage of all that your library can provide. Do yourself a favor and go see what your library has to offer you.
  • Look for free or inexpensive entertainment. Whether you are taking advantage of free movies in your local park or 'pay what you will' evenings at a museum, lowering the cost of keeping yourself entertained will up your savings total.
  • Evaluate the money you spend on food. Are you spending more or less than average for your household? If you are spending more than average, coupons and sale items are a great place to start, but there are other options as well. Is there a food or cooking co-op you could join or organize? Would ordering your groceries online allow you to spend less? Are there any farmers markets you can take advantage of? Everyone has to spend money on food, but you can get creative to find ways to lower your costs.
  • Shop for bargains. No matter what you are looking to purchase, there is probably an option online to find it. Remember to check websites such as Craigslist, auction sites and even Freecycle for products you need. Thrift stores, both online and traditional brick-and-mortar, also offer a lower cost on items from clothing and accessories to furniture and books.

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