Sunday Savings Tip: Saving Money While Traveling

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Everyone likes to take a trip once in awhile. Remember, however, that even if you are planning a getaway, there are ways you can travel on a budget and make your money stretch farther.
Here are some suggestions to get you on the right path:

  • melissawgaffney: Go to the grocery store and stock up on snacks, breakfast and lunch—eating out 3 meals a day adds up quickly!
  • Webcommdiva: The famous restaurant you want to try? Go for lunch or just share appetizers. YUM!
  • MrsMittleFinger: Buying a pass for the local transit system (with a map!) saves lots of cash, and lets you see more of the city.
  • mbboepple: Take the train! @Amtrak offers great deals on rail passes. Saved me $100+ on my cross country trip. Also great for making stops.
  • Financialbee: Staying in a place with a kitchen allows you to save on meals during vacation. Great way to test your skills cooking local cuisine.
  • MrsMittleFinger: Traveling in a country's off-season saves on flights, and many tourist attractions are cheaper then too.
  • G_J_W: Don't order room service! Even going to the hotel restaurant can save you a 20% plus service charge.


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