I Just Don't Understand...

Why girls can't be nice to each other, be happy for other each other and want to build them up. Why it's so hard to look nice all day in the sweltering heat, what's the secret?  Why cinnamon rolls can't be a diet staple.  Why good people die in car crashes while the drunk driver that hit them survivesWhy some people still don't understand the difference between there, their and they're.  Staunch liberals and their whackity whack views.  Why anybody would argue that Sean Connery was not the best James Bond ever (total crush).  Why anyone decided the work day should start so dang early. Flan.  Why British accents make people sound instantly smart.  Why Pottery Barn furniture is so over-priced for what it is. Why finding a good hair dresser is one of the most daunting tasks on earthWhy thank you notes aren't an art form for most people.  Why people would leave mean comments for someone else (i.e. Mojito Maven gets super hate comments but she is ultra-fab!)  Why anybody would wear jeggingsWhy it is so, so, so very hard to even lose 5 pounds.  Why Brett Favre doesn't just retire already. Why we can't all be look like Kim KardashianWhy the book is almost always better than the movie.


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