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Chris Golden Photography 

This week we get to meet Chris from Chris Golden Photography! Of all the Photographers that have taken professional photos of Ben and I, I have to say Chris made us look the best. I am always curious to learn more about photography and wanting to learn more about the person behind the camera. Chris realized his passion for photography in 2008 as he followed in his father's footsteps. He began at Lifetouch Portrait Studios until late 2009 when he started working with Olan Mills. Chris left Olan Mills and realized his passion for photography as another way to express his creativity. Love his passion!!!!

Here is a little more about Chris and Chris Golden Photography!

When and Why did you start a Photography Blog?

I am very new to the whole blogging thing; I just started my new blog on tumblr in August. I had a blog when I first got into photography because the photographer’s I looked up to had blogs, so I thought I have to have a blog. I didn’t stick with it mostly because I became too busy with work and other distractions in my life. My new blog is mostly being used to tell anybody that might ready what fears I might be having with my career, what projects I’m about to start working on, and I’d like to start making it a bit more personal by including more about my life in it. So far I’ve been doing more blog post since I’ve started rebranding my photography. I think that for a photographer they can use a blog in a way that their clients or anyone that might be looking to use them can read it and feel like they already know them.

What is one thing you wish you had known earlier when you started Photography?

chris golden This is a tough question because there’s so much that I wish I had known from the start. I guess if I had to pick just one thing it would be that it’s ok to take bad photos. When I first got started I would look at the work of photographers like Zack Arias or Chase Jarvis and think that they got it right the first time and every photo they took was perfect. Over the last few months both Zack and Chase have been giving classes and doing blog post that show you what really goes on in a photo shoot for them. They make mistakes; they have trouble with lighting and creating the image that they see in their head. There is a massive list of things I wish I had learned early on but that list is only going to get longer as I continue this journey in photography.

What is one photo that describes you best?

I’m going to say it is this photo that I took this week with an old friend from high school. It is clean but has this rough undertone being created by the metal in the background.

Calkins, Peter 021 

For anyone that knows me I have a bit of an alternative style to me but I also try to look professional at the same time. I know it’s an odd mix and I’m still trying to make the two works. But I don’t think that just one image can truly describe me, it would have to be my portfolio that describes me. I’m constantly growing as a photographer and as a person. As I change my portfolio will more than likely reflect the changes.

What is your favorite type of pictures to take? Favorite Edit? Or Software?

I really enjoy taking photos of families and couples. I’m trying to work my way into wedding photography, I’ll be doing one in October that I’ll post on my blog. With family and couples you get to capture real moments that happen when everyone relaxes and starts having fun. When working with families I also get to photograph a lot of kids and babies that always keeps me on my toes and force me to be very creative. My favorite edit without a question is black & white (mine too...without a doubt). It’s simple classic and just has this look that I’ve always loved. If I could do every photo in black and white I’d be happy doing that for the rest of my career. I’ve always used Photoshop to edit my work but lately I’ve been using lightroom. I don’t do much photoshop to my photos mostly because I come from the mind set of if you don’t get it right in camera you didn’t do your job as a photographer. There are the photos that no matter what you have to do something to it in photoshop. By always trying to get take photos that can be printed right out of the camera it has made me a better photographer.

Now we know the man behind the camera, so what kind of Camera are you using now?

canon camera image

I currently use a Canon 20D with either a 50mm or 70-200 lenses. I am in the middle of upgrading all my gear to the top of the line. I will be upgrading my camera body to a Canon 5D Mark II and several lenses. I always travel with lights either studio lights or camera flashes. For camera flashes I use Nikon SB-28’s with radio triggers and studio lights I use Smith and Victor.

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