Sunday's Savings Tip: August 8th

Saving Money at the Grocery Store


Shopping for groceries is an expense everyone has to account for on their weekly or monthly budget, especially if you have taken our previous advice and cut back on eating out. But there are some ways you can save money on your groceries and still purchase everything you need.

  • Store Circular: Read the circular from your grocery store, and other stores in your area, to plan what is on sale that you could use to make lunch or dinner this week. If there is a bargain to be had, remember to think about how much space you have to store it, whether it is a 12-pack of paper towels or a few pounds of apples.
  • Coupons: Do you have any coupons you can use? Clipping coupons is a great habit to start—and not just from your grocery store's weekly circular, but in the mail and online. There are many sites that offer coupons. Do a little research to find sites that work for your needs and offer products you use.

grocery list

  • Shopping List: Make a shopping list before you go to the store, and include quantities for each item. If you need yogurt or oranges, how many do you need? Planning ahead is great, but not if your food will spoil before you use it.
  • Generic and Store-Brands: When you are at the store, remember to look for generic and store-brand items. They are usually less expensive for the same or similar quality product. If you are absolutely married to a specific brand for one item you need, how about generic products for other items?

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