Cheap Ways to Make Your Home Cooler!

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     The intensity of the summer heat can turn just about any home into a sweltering place of sufferance, but by using a few cheap ways to make your home cooler a homeowner can maintain comfort in the worst of circumstances. Most among us rely heavily on cranking the air conditioning to a higher setting as the outside temperature rises, when often times all that is necessary to make your home cooler is the implementation of a few sound preventative measures. Not only do cheap ways to make your home cooler save money on utility bills, but are actually changes in lifestyle that are painless and can help an already struggling environment.

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     One of the most simple cheap ways  to make your home cooler is to ensure that your air conditioning unit is well-maintained and operating at full capacity. Whether it is a whole-house unit or a window air conditioning unit, make certain that the filters are cleaned at regular intervals throughout the year and that the unit is serviced in accordance with the manufacturers recommended maintenance program. This simple measure can save somewhere between 10% to 30% in reducing energy costs. It is also a cheap way to make your home cooler to shade the air conditioning unit when possible - the cooler the air is entering the unit the less electricity will be required to cool the air leaving the unit.

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     Making minor adjustments to the way we go about our daily business is perhaps the best cheap way to make your home cooler, by changing the manner by which we tend to normal household chores. Instead of using the dishwasher to clean dishes and creating heat in the home, wash dishes by hand and dry them with a dish towel or let them air dry. When doing laundry make certain that each load is a full one which will result in less use of the appliances, and therefore generate less heat. Rather that cooking on the stove top and using the oven have a backyard barbecue as a cheap way to make your home cooler. Make certain that doors and windows are insulated, and draw blinds and curtains on hot, sunny days to prevent heat build up in the home.


     Finally, one of the better cheap ways to make your home cooler is to landscape your yard with an eye toward keeping the property less heat absorbent. Shade trees are a great way to keep heat from affecting the interior of a home, and natural materials such as wood and earth are much better than concrete and stone as landscaping materials to make your home cooler.



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  2. I'm following from FMBT! These are great ideas! Our apartment doesn't have air conditioning so we are going to have to find a way to keep things cool this summer.

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  4. Just what I always did at home, I never used my split system air conditioner in order to save lot from energy consumption. Plus, I installed also solar air conditioning to save again. and the trees outside our house really helped in minimizing our electric bills for they gave us cool air from outside.


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