Cheap Ways to Enjoy the Summer!

     While summer may be the best time of the year for having fun there is often more time available than money, but by using a few cheap ways to enjoy the summer just about everyone can get their fair share of recreation. Finding cheap ways to enjoy the summer is especially important for parents with bored children mopping around the house, and even more critical when their friends arrive to spend the day. If approached with a light-hearted spirit and an eye for adventure there are dozens of ways to enjoy the summer regardless of location that are every bit as fun as those pursuits that cost a considerable amount of money. No matter where you live, there are cheap ways to enjoy the summer that are overlooked frequently that represent an opportunity for engaging entertainment.

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Cheap ways to enjoy the summer begin in your own backyard, and a great day is available for a fairly large group of people for under $20 in most cases.

  • A wiffle ball game is a great way to enjoy the summer for people of all ages and can eat up a few hours on a hot day without spending a single cent.

  • Water fights are another excellent way to enjoy the summer and cool off, and a few dollars worth of water balloons are a very good investment in comparison with the fun they represent.

  • A yard sale can get the entire family involved in a day-long activity, gives little ones the chance to run their own enterprise and can actually earn money needed for other fun activities.

  • One of the very best cheap ways to enjoy the summer is to have a backyard barbecue that costs $10 to $20 and can feed a fairly large group of people a mountain of hot dogs and hamburgers.

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     Cheap ways to enjoy the summer away from the house can incorporate a number activities together to make for an entertaining day out. A trip hopping from thrift stores and consignment shops to flea markets and tag sales presents a chance to find untold treasures that may have great value, and even if no purchases are made the window shopping is a ball. Follow this up with a picnic in a local park, a bike ride or a hike in some dense area woods and you'll find that your cheap ways to enjoy the summer have resulted in a diverse and complete day of fun.

Few more ideas:
1. take advantage of free admission days at your local museums, zoo, or theaters.
2. Pick up couple of videos at the library, make some popcorn and KoolAid, and have a movie party
3. Take a hike at the nearby park, arboretum, or trail. Wear light clothes and bring lots of water.
4. Have an insect hunt - bugs, butterflies, beetles, etc. - and start a collection.
5. Have a book club meeting once or twice a month



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